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ADW Systems

Our ADW Systems, based on the Project 12 platform, deliver new and exciting ways for players to bet, new products to engage with and a user experience to rival any online system from any industry sector.

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OpenTote is the only truly global pool distribution network, giving your business the opportunity to bet into worldwide pari-mutuel pools. OpenTote offers thousands of betting opportunities through a single system.

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Video Streaming

Our Video Streaming service uses commodity set-top box hardware and, coupled with our global content distribution partners, allows us to deliver live coverage of sporting events directly to our customers.

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Some of our recent projects:

Design, specification and complete re-build of the Tote Ireland website, touch screen call centre application and back office functions, providing rapid and secure wagering into Irish and UK pools. Some of the latest features include CMS and CRM systems - website and customer management is completely manageable internally, faster account loading - using 'in-flight'deposit functionality, Bet Select, multi-currency / multi-pool offerings, and as standard, real-time pricing information and streaming.

Launched in August 2013, Colossus Bets brings unparalleled high-prize pools to football betting along with the World's biggest guarantees including £10,000,000 jackpots; this innovative product is augmenting the existing way pools are being played by allowing multi-leg cash-in as each leg progresses. The project consists of a multi-language and currency website and back office applications, the development of the totalisator, trading application, facilitating the 'buy back' of tickets, and fractional cash-in of tickets allowing players to keep playing a percentage of their ticket whilst banking some profits in the process. I-Neda have continued to worked with Colossus Bets and created MicroSite solutions for their B2B partners, this has really helped create a large and rapid customer expansion opportunity, we look forward to seeing this great game available around the world.