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For the first time we've distilled into one package the cumulative knowledge and insight that a dozen years of racing and betting experience brings. Not only does Project 12 deliver new and exciting ways for players to bet, new products to engage with, and a user experience to rival any online system from any industry sector, it also encompasses best practice in many other areas, including reporting, account management, customer service and systems management.

Fast Odds

The Fast Odds system uses the latest web technology to push odds, price and race data directly to the user, eliminating the need for polling. Bets can be priced in real time as the user selects runners, and tracked for the lifetime of the pool. Odds are delivered milliseconds after publication from the host tote. Fast Odds is compatible with all major browsers and mobile platforms, and significantly reduces server load for high traffic sites.

Power Pay

Power Pay allows your users to fund their accounts in-bet. Support for minimum balance, subscriptions and 'cash-back' in-bet loading means the user no longer needs to track their balances as they play. Power Pay is fully PCI compliant, and also supports multiple deposit aging and screening mechanisms, to protect your business from fraud.

Quick Account

Quick Account is the friendly way to get new customers, our simple step by step process walks them through the account creation process, and gets customers verified and playing quickly and easily. Behind the scenes, quick account creates clone tote accounts to allow for the customer to use on-track and call center betting from the same wallet.

Price Visualiser

Provide in-depth pool information for your customers with price visualizer. Driven in real-time using Fast Odds technology, graphical and analytical views of pool size, movements and changes are easily available to your customers. Price Visualizer also features i-neda's unique pool stability index, allowing customers to gauge just how likely it is that the price they see is what they will get.


BetSelect changes the way bettors think about complex bet types. Designed for the novice and professional alike, BetSelect allows bettors to select runner positions, before creating betting suggestions based on probable payouts. Cross selling pools has never been easier, as BetSelect takes into account promotional actions, rebates and bonus bets when calculating the value of the bettors selections, showing them their prices, in real time.

Rapid Reports

Rapid Reports works for you and your customers. Our reporting engine creates up to the second, easy to use reports showing the activity on your ADW platform, user ROI, commissions earned and many other easy to use reporting features. Customers enjoy the same powerful tools for their accounts, breaking out their betting activity, and showing success rates and ROI across pools, tracks, date ranges and more.

The Cornerstones of Project 12

  • To bring modern web design philosophy to the pari-mutuel betting market. Too long has the racing industry accepted out-of-date web presence that doesn't match offerings from other industries competing for our customer's dollar.
  • Simple to use CMS and SDKs for custom development. We know flexibility is key in promoting your brand and business. In order to allow freedom for you and your marketing team, our platform is built to allow simple content management by your team, or more complex development by your chosen web or design agency.
  • Streamlined account sign up processes - customers time is precious, we're working hard to get you customers signed up and playing in no time at all.
  • Faster account loading, reload and unload options - allowing access to deposit and withdrawal functions wherever the customer is, and via any means that suits them is critical to growing your business.
  • New and innovative ways to rewards customer loyalty - a practical approach to rewarding customer loyalty, including dividend bonuses, loyalty points, and off network rewards to our customers when the shop online.
  • Cross & up-sell of bet types to the customer. Assisting them in understanding the ways they can bet, and most importantly showing the value from betting more complex pools.
  • Real-time price and odds information - reducing the impact of changing pool prices is a core goal for i-neda. We're developing real-time price streaming technology, pool stability monitoring and price stabilization technology to enable customers to be more confident in the prices they see.
  • Useful runner information - At i-neda we believe in giving the customer the best opportunity to make informed decisions, all the time. We've invested in creating open systems for the importing of data into the ADW platform, allowing better educated betting from your customers.
  • Pool Analysis from the ground up. Pool betting is a much a numbers game as about the horses. To cater for this, i-neda has developed innovative ways to show the customer how the pool is building, and what the likely outcome would be. Add to this a flexible conditional betting engine, and the customer is in total control.
  • Single accounts for all devices. Don't tie your customer to online or mobile but ignore the race track customer! Allow access to their accounts wherever the customer might be. Working with any tote system, the i-neda platform allows the synchronization of all betting traffic into our easy to use, data rich statement and search functions.

Get in touch with us now at sales@i-neda.com